CBM 40 Lesson Course

Lesson NumberEnglishFarsi
1. How to use this Bible coursePDFPDF
2. Who are the Christadelphians?PDFPDF
3. The Bible our guidePDFPDF
4. The gospelPDFPDF
5. God and creationPDFPDF
6. God so loved the worldPDFPDF
7. The return of the Lord Jesus to the earthPDFPDF
8. Signs of the coming of Jesus ChristPDFPDF
9. Your kingdom comePDFPDF
10. God’s view of historyPDFPDF
11. The kingdom of God
 – peace on earth
12. God’s promises to AbrahamPDFPDF
13. The Jews in history – part 1PDFPDF
14. The Jews in history – part 2PDFPDF
15. God’s promises to DavidPDFPDF
16. The Father and the SonPDFPDF
17. The life of JesusPDFPDF
18. The death of JesusPDFPDF
19. The resurrection and ascension of Jesus ChristPDFPDF
20. God’s Holy SpiritPDFPDF
21. Holy Spirit giftsPDFPDF
22. Sin and its consequences – part 1PDFPDF
23. Sin and its consequences – part 2PDFPDF
24. By grace you are savedPDFPDF
25. The resurrection from the deadPDFPDF
26. The day of judgementPDFPDF
27. Immortal lifePDFPDF
28. AngelsPDFPDF
29. Demons and SatanPDFPDF
30. The devil and sinPDFPDF
31. BaptismPDFPDF
32. Christian marriagePDFPDF
33. Facing problems in marriagePDFPDF
34. Our duty to the statePDFPDF
35. PrayerPDFPDF
36. Living a new life in ChristPDFPDF
37. Daily Bible readingPDFPDF
38. Fellowship with those of the same faithPDFPDF
39. A summary of basic Bible doctrinesPDFPDF
40. The next stepPDFPDF
Question paper Lessons 01-20PDFPDF
Question paper Lessons 21-40PDFPDF