CBM New Life Course

Lesson NumberEnglishFarsi
1 The problem of sinPDFPDF
2 Baptism – a new start to a new lifePDFPDF
3 The Word of God in our everyday livesPDFPDF
4 The importance of prayerPDFPDF
5 Fellowship and ecclesial lifePDFPDF
6 The Breaking of Bread servicePDFPDF
7 The ecclesia of GodPDFPDF
8 The power of the tonguePDFPDF
9 Truthfulness and honesty in our livesPDFPDF
10 Godliness and self-control in our livesPDFPDF
11 Marriage and family lifePDFPDF
12 The disciple and the statePDFPDF
13 The problem of suffering and povertyPDFPDF
14 The grace of GodPDFPDF